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Release Date:
Rating: 8.9
Directed by
Keith Thomas
Written by
Scott Teems, Stephen King
Based on
Zac Efron, Ryan Kiera Armstrong, Gloria Reuben, Kurtwood Smith, Sydney Lemmon, Michael Greyeyes, Tina Jung, Neven Pajkic, Lanette Ware, Gavin MacIver-Wright, Vas Saranga, Phi Huynh, Darrin Maharaj, Danny Waugh
Germany, United States of America, United Kingdom
Blumhouse Productions, Angry Adam Productions, BoulderLight Pictures
English, Français, Polski, Deutsch, svenska, Español, Pусский, български език, Italiano, Português, ozbek, 한국어/조선말, Slovenčina, ελληνικά, Український, Magyar, עִבְרִית, Nederlands, 普通话, Português, ქართული

John Carpenter Firestarter has shared this week the details of his soundtrack for the film Eyes of Fire (Firestarter). The film adaptation of the novel by the legendary Stephen King has a cast led by Ryan Kiera Armstrong, Sydney Lemmon and Zac Efron, and will tell us the story of a very special girl who has pyrotechnic powers and who will have to fight to protect her her family and herself from the sinister forces that want to capture and control her.

How to watch Firestarter (2022) Full Movie Is Firestarter Streaming Online? Universal Will Send 3 Movies Straight

Firestarter for Ojos de Fuego (Firestarter) has been composed by master John Carpenter together with his regular collaborators Daniel Davies and Cody Carpenter, and will be released on May 13 through the Sacred Bones label on vinyl, cassette and CD.

Eyes of fire (Firestarter) will be released on May 13 on the Peacock platform and has had the direction of Keith Thomas, the person in charge of signing the wonderful The Vigil.

How to Watch Firestarter: Is it Streaming or in Theaters?

Before leaving you with the trailer, let us remind you that this film was already adapted in 1984 under the direction of Mark L. Lester and that the plot will place us at a time when its protagonists, Andy (Efron) and Vicky (Lemmon), have She has spent more than a decade on the run with her daughter Charlie (Armstrong) from a shadowy US agency hell-bent on harnessing her powers to turn fire into a weapon of mass destruction.

Andy taught Charlie how to harness her strange power, usually triggered by anger or pain. But when Charlie turns 11, the fire becomes increasingly difficult to control. After an unexpected incident reveals the family's location, a mysterious operative (Michael Greyeyes, Wild Indian, the “Rutherford Falls” series) sets out to find Charlie to get her once and for all.

There's still quite a bit we don't know about the upcoming Stephen King remake. Fire starter. We don't know specifically how the film will modernize the story; we don't know how several key supporting characters will be treated; and we don't actually know when it will be released in theaters. That's pretty mysterious, but one thing we now know is that the movie won't hold back when it comes to graphic content, as the feature has been given an R rating by the MPAA.

Firestarter Great Horror What You Need To Know Before Seeing

While the MPAA can sometimes be quite descriptive when it comes to why they've decided to give a movie an RA rating, the only detail given on the organization's official website is "violent content." This suggests that we won't hear any character in the movie say the word "fuck" too many times, and there won't be any nudity, but also that Firestarter isn't going to hold back too much when it comes to sequences where people catch fire.

Based on Stephen King's 1980 novel of the same name, Firestarter primarily centers on a psychically gifted father and daughter, Andy and Charlie McGee, who find themselves on the run from a mysterious government sector known colloquially as The Shop. While Andy has the ability to "push" people, basically a lesser form of mind control, Charlie has pyrokinesis and there is a fear that she could become so powerful that she could rip the world in half.

Keith Thomas, who made a stellar directorial debut last year with the indie horror flick The Vigil, is directing the Firestarter remake, from a screenplay written by Scott Teems (Halloween Kills). Zac Efron and Ryan Kiera Armstrong play Andy and Charlie McGee, respectively, and Michael Greyeyes plays John Rainbird, a psychotic mercenary who is hired by The Shop to capture the leads.

'Firestarter' Isn't on Blumhouse, but Here's Where It Will Stream

When one considers the source material, it's entirely fitting that Firestarter would get an R rating, as Stephen King's book not only features multiple sequences of people getting burned, but also a pretty graphic moment involving a man getting burned. reaches into an active garbage disposal unit (although whether or not this scene will be included in the adaptation is currently unknown). The original film adaptation of Firestarter, directed by Mark L. Lester and starring Drew Barrymore, was also rated R when it hit theaters in 1984.

As noted above, we still don't know when Universal Pictures plans to release Firestarter - but additional good news to glean from this reveal is that the film has completed post-production. This very well could mean that it will be released this spring or possibly during the summer, and that wouldn't be such a bad strategy given that another high-profile Stephen King adaptation, Gary Dauberman's Salem Lot, is currently scheduled to be released on September 9.

Firestarter Review: Good For Kids

We'll keep you updated on Kids Firestarter as more information becomes available. In the meantime, you can keep track of every Stephen King adaptation in the works through our upcoming Stephen King TV and movie guide, and see everything that's hitting the big screen and streaming by heading over to our Movie Release Calendar of 2022.

Firestarter is a Stephen King classic, it is the story of a girl with the ability to cause fires using her mental powers, it was one of the inspirations behind Eleven in Stranger Things and one of Drew Barrymore's first films after appearing as Elliot's little sister in E.T The Extra-Terrestrial, but King himself hated the movie adaptation and it didn't do as well at the box office as expected.

Now the story is going to return with a new version that already has the actor Zac Efron (one of our favorite style icons) as one of its protagonists.

Stephen King is one of the most productive authors that have ever existed, and he is also one of the most adapted to film and television (there are few of the author's books that do not have a movie, series or miniseries), but not all adaptations fulfill the expectations of the horror master.

Stephen King's Firestarter: Meet The Main Characters Of The

It is well known that Stephen King did not agree with all the changes that Stanley Kubrick made when he brought The Shining to the cinema (the ending, the character of Wendy and the process that Jack goes through to go crazy are different) and, although the The first version of Firestarter has a small cult following, with King saying in a 1986 interview that the film is "bland" (comparing it to "mashed potatoes in the cafeteria").

One special effect he didn't like was how Charlie McGee's (Drew Barrymore) hair would always blow with an inexplicable wind whenever he used his pyrokinetic powers. King says that he asked producer Dino De Laurentiis for an explanation of that detail, but he never received one. Although Drew Barrymore's work satisfied him, he even called her for 1985's Cat's Eye.

How to watch Firestarter

King said the cast was full of talent, with the exception of David Keith, who played Charlie's father, whom he accused of having "stupid eyes." In addition, King had a problem with Martin Sheen's performance as the boss of The Shop (the bad guys in the story), and said that he did not believe that Mark L. Lester adequately directed his performance.

Firestarter began production a month ago, the tape that will be a reboot of the film released in 1984 that is inspired by a Stephen King novel already has its protagonist.

Since the banner was given for this film, the writer's fans have been very attentive to who will be the young actress who will give life to the protagonist with psychic powers capable of making things catch fire.

Watch 'Firestarter' (2022) Free Online

In the 1984 version, a little Drew Barrymore was the one who had this mantle, but now through the Deadline medium it has been confirmed that Ryan Kiera Armstrong; who has already been seen in American horror story will be the one for this new story.

Days ago it was also confirmed that Zac Efron and Michael Greyeyes will be part of the cast, so we already have all the pieces for the plot in theory. According to director Keith Thomas, more elements of the book will be explored and we will see this in the film.

“I feel like there's a visceral quality to the story that I didn't see in the '80s version, a rawness that I think is there in the book, that I certainly felt, that I'm really interested in diving into. And luckily, I think everyone else involved feels the same way, that this is going to be it."

Prolific horror and dark fantasy author Stephen King took to his Twitter account to wish good luck to the new adaptation of his novel Firestarter, also known as Eyes of Fire, whose production began about a month ago by Blumhouse Productions, who They were in charge of presenting the fans of the story with a little behind-the-scenes look.

‘Firestarter’ Movie: When It Will Release, Cast Info & Everything We Know

The video revealed by Blumhouse features a man who is completely engulfed in flames, presenting hints that this production will be true to the pyrokinetic nature of King's novel, which is already a cult classic among King's fans.

This new film will feature Zac Efron and Michael Greyeyes under the direction of Keith Thomas, in charge of The Vigil.

The first adaptation of Firestarter featured Drew Barrymore as a little girl with telekinetic powers that allowed her to set fire to anything she put her mind to.

Amazon Prime is not streaming Firestarter movies. However, the streamer has a wide range of latest movie

After being a project that has been in development for a couple of years and with the fervent number of followers of Stephen King's original work, on previous occasions Thomas has indicated that this film will present a new concept for fans of both the novel and the first adaptation.

"It's something I've thought about a lot," Thomas told in early February. "And certainly when the project came to me, I was very fortunate in the script from Scott Teems, who wrote Halloween Kills. It was really good."

Maine writer Stephen King is known to have a love-hate relationship with film adaptations of his novels. But in recent years, the author has asked to get closer to the productions that are based on his books and thus has generated a new relationship with this mini subgenre. In any case, they always manage to make some kind of cameo in their movies, as we can see in It: Chapter 2 (2019), Mr. Mercedes (2017), Under the Dome (2014) or Sleepwalkers (1992), among many others.

What to watch this weekend: 'Firestarter'

Just hours ago, via Twitter, Stephen King sent lots of love and best wishes to the cast and crew behind the scenes of the upcoming Firestarter adaptation, a remake of the original. The novel was first published in 1980 and made into a film in 1984. It was directed by Mark L. Lester (Commando, Class of 1999, Showdown in Little Tokyo) and starred a little Drew Barrymore (E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, Charlie's Angels, Never Been Kissed) and Martin Sheen (The Dead Zone, Wall Street, Spawn).

Although at first the film was well received back in the 80s, it was not what the fans expected, and since the novel is very good, there was always that hope that they would make a new adaptation.

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Rating: IMDb  / 8.9

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